Atelier 3A
Juni 2011

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Marthin SITEPU

Born on 02 June 1954 in Kota Raja / Sumatra, verstorben am 9. Sept. 2020
1977- 1984 education at Art Institut Indonesia / Yogiyakarta
1979 Exhibition together at Yogiyakarta, Bali, Semarang, Solo, Jakarta
1992 "Heart for Flores", Exhibition together and Social Work / Donation for Earth
Guick in Flores
1997 Exhibition (travelling Java-Bali-Lombok) together in Jakarta, Balo, Lombok
1999 Solo Exhibition "Reformation Diary" in Taman Ismail Marjuki / Jakarta
2004 Solo Exhibition Tanan Budaya - Surabaya, Solo Exhibition at Salim Gallery, Bali
2011 Solo Exhibition at ATELIER 3A, Vienna, Austria

Active Exhibition together before and after finish study and social work exhibition

Winner of Non Realistic Fine Art from Indonesian Department Education
Winner of Socal Exhibition in Medan, North-Sumatra