"Objets trouves"
ca.50x70 cm,1996

Materialcollage 1997


Born in Lower Austria in 1952, lives an works in Vienna;
professionell education at the pedagogic academy,
works since 1973 as an teacher,
personally studies in graphics and paintings,
1988 -1989 foundation and leading of the PL-Galerie,
>> projekt "Art and Culture - hautnah"
1990 Opening of the Atelier-Galerie "3A",1040 Wien;
1990/91 initiative and organisation of "Kunst und Kultur am Mittersteig";
1990-93 Editor of the Edition "3A" -
Artists of the gallery (Graphikmappe);
1993 studies-price on the 1.Artex-Kunstmesse/NÖ
1995 Member of the managing committee of the Wr. Kunstschule
Member of the Berufsvereinigung bildender Künstler Österr.;
Member of the Mödlinger Künstlerbund;

Many personallities and participations since 1983 in Austria and other countries: u.a. Osman Hamdi Gemäldegalerie/ Istanbul in Cooperation with the Austrian Culturelle Institut (GA 1991); Galerie Seghaier, Wien; Stadtgalerie Fürstenfeld (GA 92,96); Galerie Haslinger, Wien; Galerie Lehar (GA1993,1995); Villa Manin, Italien (GA 1995), Galerie Art Forum, BRD (1995); Museum of the City Kurashiki, Japan (GA 1995/96), Stadtgalerie Fürstenfeld (GA1996);u.a.m.

Karl Rieder in the last years primary works in material pictures in form of collages and montages, which are more reductions of real objects and experimentally constructions than only abstract forms.
(written by Dr. Günther Berger, "Vernissage")

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