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Charlotte Pohl

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Charlotte POHL

1944 born in lower-austria, lives and works in Vienna
job-training and work as an secretary
studies at the "Wiener Kunstschule" - dekoration and applied arts
paintings with Prof. Martinz, Wolfgang Winter
1995 closing the Wr. Kunstschule in free and applied painting

since 1987 Personals and Group-exhibitions (national and internat.), u.a.
1990,91,92,93 Marque Aristique de Noel, Galerie Mots&Tableaux, Brüssel
1991 United Artist Gallery, 1020 Wien
1994 Galerie Kurrent, 1010 Wien
Les artistes du 3eme Trott’Art, Brüssel
1996 Kulturzentrum EGA, Wien
1997 Association of Fine Art in der "Alten Schieberkammer"

From the beginning she has concrete ideas about their figurative
depictions and associates her themes in the specific technique.
The pleasure at archaic forms is squeezed out in the technology of
wood-prints. Their form, color and structure for her is a natural
symbiosis. In lino-cuts estimates her the possibility to generous gliding forms
and in engravings the possibility of filligrane details.
The old techniques with their predictable unpredictability, the timeless
beauty of copper, awake memories of long-lost times and abstract worlds.
Beside the graphical techniques emerge also works in Acryl
in them outgoing from the picture-scripts, the hieroglyphics,
the original language of the mankind in "Schriftbildern" (script-depictions).