Atelier 3A
JUNE `97

"People and Landscape"
water colour

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Rosemarie PEREYRA

born in Mödling, lives and works in Vienna,
vocational training at the HAK in Mödling;
writes Lyrics and Aphorisme;
paintings as self-taught person,
art studies at the KVHS,
participations on different colleges and summer-academies,
"Schule des Sehens" bei Mag. Edda Mally,
Summer-Academy Ravelsbach with Karl Korab;
Member of the international artist-club art/diagonal
since 1988 Exhibitions and public readings, u.a.:
1988 ... Zentralsparkasse Hinterbrühl,
1989 ... Kulturverein "Mosaik", Neulengbach,
1989 ... "WienNEU", 1100 Wien,
1990 ... "Aspang Live" - Schloß Aspang,
1991 ... Cafe Wortner, 1040 Wien,
1993 ... Kulturhaus Nötsch im Gailtal, Literaturkeller, Sitzendorf,...

About the exhibition
In this exhibition R. Pereyra shows a part of her "lyric" water-colours in which were shown the transformations between human- and landscape-formations. Playing with sense and forms - like her lyric writings - aphorisme about people and landscape ... this is a possible characteristic of her works. Scanty coloured areas are allowing different interpretations of both themes.