Atelier 3A
September `97

Josef KÜHN
The Winner
wood-cut, 1990


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Josef KÜHN

Born 1945 in Vienna; self-taught person;

Childhood memories at bombed houses and air-raid shelter built in bricks, especially suit to play "Indians";
encounter with painters since youth, education through the nature...
Longing to light and sun drives me in the south - Greece, specially Crete,
where I paint 3 years on minoic floor, the sleeping Zeus before the front doors ;
later at the Turkish coast I moved from place to place - strong picturesque
yield, clear light and radiation of colours; returned to Austria some
years working with other artists in a progressive painters-group
and very abundant participations at home and abroad;
in the last years establishment of a group - "artist for nature" -
common drives and events with emphasis environment and nature;
target: to manufacture a multinational art network ; (JoKühn)

Exhibitions (selection) :
1979 ... Group-exhibition Galerie ZB Wien;
Wanderausstellung in Österreich im Rahmen der Galerie Rotpunkt;
1980 ... Schiffswerft Korneuburg; Intergraphik Berlin;
1981 ... Personal - Galerie ZB Wien;
1982 ... Personal - Galerie Alibi Wien;
1983 ... Intergraphik Berlin; Laibacher Stadtmuseum;
1984 ... Bologna-Rathaus; Kärnten - Künstler für den Frieden;
............. Rostock - Stadtmuseum; Werkstattgalerie Wien;
1986 ... Personal - Galerie ZB Wien;
1987 ... Lust und Laune;
1990 ... Intergraphik Berlin;
1991 ... Personal - Galerie de Portis - Salzburg;
.............. Fingerprints Wien; Technisches Museum - Künstler für Natur;
1992 ... Einzelausstellung Atelier-Galerie 3A Wien;