Atelier 3A
Artist-Portraits 9/97

Helmut Petutschnig, alias

BEDADALETHI >>> german version

born in Carinthia; 23.3.1956 - 8.4.2022
as artist not only himself but also

the Swedish film director BE RGMANN,
the Italian Renaissance painter DA VINCI,
the spanish artist DA LI,
the English Musican LE NNON and
the austrian folklore musician THI MANN

are responsible for his name.
They also had a great influence on his own thoughts and creative works.
Bedadalethi presents himself in a philosophic way:
Even that the special gag is his style, he is "the stone who wishes to fly".
The theme of his artwork is the creation, the birth, the strange journey of life and all its stops and finaly th end, the relationship between man
and woman, love and the inward peace are his motives. The artist uses a symbolic to unmask and to free the reality. Art works with known elements and patterns. Only through the intention of the artist, through the identification of the public it becomes expressive. Involving action of th public is a component of Bedadalethis work.
The predicate of honour "Honorary Consul of Madness" he received from his friends, for some exceptional work and actions.

According to Peter Fischer, Scientic Assistant

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